Toktam Faramarzifar and Alison Ludlow

Latent Influence

13 to 17 March 2019
  • Peggy Jay Gallery

An exhibition of mixed media works exploring the cultural and environmental influences of two artists born in different countries


Toktam has been using the motif of goldfish as a metaphor for explaining the stories of identity and culture. Goldfish is the emblematic of Persian new year. Something familiar to her which gets lost in her daily London contemporaries.

She uses photo montage images of floating women with this motif. Expressing two cultures one under the water and one above, one felt and one lived.


Alison’s practice is based on the found image, extracting a segment of a picture from the mass media or her own snapshots to recast it into a new story.

The pieces created often subtly refer to subjects such as power, politics and relationships.  Reflecting Alison’s interest in current affairs and sociocultural issues, along with the influence of both her urban environment and personal experiences