The Heart is a Bloom

30 May to 3 June 2018
  • Peggy Jay Gallery

The Heart is a Bloom.

An exhibition of paintings and drawings by Ray Walker and Camila Walker at Burgh House, May 2018.

Ray Walker and Camila Walker, father and daughter, will be showing paintings and prints at Burgh House, Hampstead from Wednesday 30th May to Sunday 4th June 2018 (closed Saturday 3rd May). Ray and Camila both work in education and are now taking the opportunity to showcase their creative work.

Love of the natural world and the joy of colour are celebrated in both artists’ work. Landscapes, faces, flowers and birds populate the images, echoing feelings and ideas that arise from the imagination.

Ray paints in egg tempera (egg yolk mixed with water) on small gesso panels. This technique enables thin layers of paint to be built up slowly, creating luminous colours against a white background. Working on a small scale using traditional techniques allows a systematic and focused approach to be taken.  Once completed the painting surface is polished with silk to create a soft burnished sheen. Ray’s paintings resonate with images and themes found in English illuminated manuscripts, Japanese art, Indian miniatures and early 20th century modernist painting. Images of faces and figures seek to reinterpret well-known iconography from art history within a contemporary context. His work can be viewed at:

Camila’s prints explore a range of themes. Many are about being in nature and enjoying the colour and shapes of plant forms. Other images consider what it can be like to be young woman in today’s world, depicting some of the current experiences that women may have. Camila draws in pen and ink initially then manipulates the images digitally to create finished prints.  Camila’s drawings are inspired by a range of current illustrators and early 20th century modernist painters whose work is characterised by strong shapes and vivid colours.  Her work can be viewed at:

Ray or Camila will be at the show which is open at the following times: Wednesday 30th May, Thursday 31st May, Friday 1st June and Sunday 3rd June between 12 noon and 5pm.