Quantum Selves, Souls in Sleeve, Ponder This

18 to 29 April 2018
  • Peggy Jay Gallery


Quantum Selves, Souls in Sleeve, Ponder This

Wednesday 18 April- Sunday 29 April

Exhibitors: Ben Allanach, Bella Schelpe, and Golnar Malek

This trilogy explores time and spaces within the human body in the bizarre quantum realm, the realm of Qigong, and what appear to be a reality of its own. These drawings invite the viewer to ponder between these three realms in a never-ending search for truth.

Life drawing has been the core of Ben, Bella, and Gol’s practice for nearly 20 years. They have been working together at Christ's College Visial Arts Centre, and are interested in the same principles though their approaches have completely different sources. This makes the exhibition a fantastic opportunity for debate.

Ben Allanach’s approach derives from science: the quantum realm.

In the quantum realm, reality transforms to the bizarre. Objects can
be in a superposition of several states which is collapsed to a single
one by observation. If we know where it is, we do not know how fast it
is moving, and vice versa. Also, some details of the object are
obscure. A theory of quantum gravity remains to be verified, but
somehow the fabric of the background (space-time) must have an
interaction with the object in it. We encourage the observer to
collapse the quantum state of the human form, but they should beware
that the process remains mysterious.

His work can be found on http://www.damtp.cam.ac.uk/user/bca20/art/index.html

Golnar Malek is inspired by her understanding of ancient Qigong science.

In her view, today, tomorrow or yesterday, happen at the same time in
different realms, and movement doesn’t recognise the boundaries of time-space.Truth plays at the borders of belief and playfully
relieves. She reflects into a series of magical moments when all else
turns into nothingness.
The body is in a state of illusion, while it hosts more than one soul
simultaneously in different dimensions within various time-spaces. She invites the viewer to remember when the journey together and the
journey within make meaningful connections.

Please visit: http://www.gol-e-ros.com for more.

Bella is interested in the use of self deception to arrive counterintuitively closer to a visual truth. 

She has always been interested in the visual struggle of painting over an existing image as a mechanism to trick her eye into not becoming complacent or vain.

Not being able to easily see what it has already drawn forces it to see the whole image ‘new’ before every mark.

This ties on the one side into her scientific approach of constantly questioning, always being suspicious of an easy answer, and on the other a traditional Chinese principle of full presence before any mark is made.

Therefore in some sense Bella’s approach sits between Golnar’s and Ben’s and is suggestive of a somewhat surprising middle ground between these traditionally disparate approaches.