Patterns of Experience 2

31 July to 11 August 2019
  • Peggy Jay Gallery

Cathy Kenny, Charlotte Mann, Caroline Lee, Carlie Grindey, Janet Bell, Mark Antony Haden Ford and Trish Longhurst. 

After our successful exhibition in 2016 we are delighted to be returning with an eclectic mix of paintings, photography, sculpture and environmental art.


Cathy Kenny

Cathy has always drawn and painted with an eye for colour and texture. Qualified in Woven and Printed textiles and Art teaching, she has worked in galleries and various arts related organisations. She has exhibited her work in solo and group exhibitions. Since 2018 Cathy has been pursuing her interest in watercolours which form the basis of her work in Patterns of Experience 2.


Charlotte Mann

Charlotte Mann studied art at Goldsmith’s College in the sixties focussing on ceramics and screen printing. She has been passionate about photography since her teens and is self-taught.

She has exhibited in a number of photographic exhibitions in London over the last few years. The last one was a collaborative exhibition for the London Wildlife Trust showing a mixture of landscapes and wildlife images.

Her work is varied, ranging from portraits to architecture, landscapes to wildlife. Her images are collected from her travels and her daily life.

For several years she has taken at least one photograph a day which sharpens one’s awareness of the unexpected beauty of the every day.


Caroline Lee

Caroline Lee

Caroline Lee was trained at Central St Martin’s (B.A.Hons Fine Art and Critical Studies, 1992) She has worked across a variety of media, including photography, video, sculpture, performance, installation and painting.  At the present time her focus is on painting, using oils, acrylics and mixed media. 

Her inspiration is rooted in the everyday, in her experience of internal states and external spaces. In directly observed or photographed places as well as recall through memory.  As well as working from observational drawings and photography she experiments with found material and images of association.  She uses colour to create mood and a sense of wonder.


Facebook page: carolineleeart


Carlie Grindey

Carlie Grindey has had a fascination of people and their bodies all her life: first of all applying it in practising medicine and Craniosacral therapy, more recently translating this joy into clay. She has studied sculpture in recent years with Andrew Brown, Hazel Reeves and at the Florence Academy of Art.


Janet Bell

Janet Bell, a graduate of the Slade School of Art 1980, continues her practice using painting, with photography and mixed media, creating pictures of people, park life and cityscapes, and landscapes.

For Patterns of Experience 2 Janet Bell has drawn together paintings and pastels from her studio archive.

Inspired by the Impressionists practice of painting out of doors, in this series Janet Bell uses vibrant colour to create images of movement in Parliament Hill Lido, Hampstead Heath. 

She is now creating a new series based in the Olympic Park.


Mark Antony Haden Ford and Rebecca Ford

Tel  0044 (0)1243 814161    07809 569869   07736419007

Studio/Workplace Slindon, Arundel, West Sussex, UK    Website

Mark and Rebecca Ford are Two Circles Design, a working partnership making monumental woven environments for both public and private sectors for 15 years. Their surreal installations and ambiguous sculptures encompass a wide range of traditional skills and practices. The woven artworks directly engage with the environment as semi-permanent sculptures based on seeds and plant forms and the potential of all things.

Environmental art has the power to change the way we view the world and questions our role within it. Mark and Rebecca’s’ contemporary woven forms are often in conversation with each other. Their  site-specific ephemeral works are partly inspired by a strong interest in the archaeology, geography and mystery of the natural world, drawing on ancient traditions

and techniques of willow craft and woodland management.                                      5 minute film about our environmental works and artistic practice                                        6 minute film about our project at the Llano earth art festival Texas, USA in March 2019


Trish Longhurst

Trish is inspired by colour, light and nature and enjoys creating abstract images.  She came to art later in life, starting with beginners drawing at Putney School of Art & Design and which she continues to attend today.  She has been in two group exhibitions at Peggy Jay Gallery in 2014 and 2016, and in March this year was in a group exhibition at PSAD.