Impressions of a Misty Beech Glade

26 to 30 June 2019
  • Peggy Jay Gallery

I am particularly drawn by visual atmosphere and how the sense of space impinges on the emotional experience of a place. In my paintings I explore how I can use colour in all its tonalities, and mark-making of different kinds, to create an emotional sense of place and mood. I love to work with oil paints because of their versatility and subtlety, as well as the strength of the pigment they contain.


In my current work, I have been working from photographic images of a solitary spot on Hampstead Heath: quiet, still and meditative. I have worked to capture the atmosphere and translate this into semi-abstract paintings varying in size from contact print size, to post-card size, and large canvases. In the process of working from very small to large and different shaped canvases, I have tried to establish a colour-script to express my experience of the place. I have varied my application of paint and medium to move towards a more minimalist and evocative visual picture of the atmosphere of the place.


I also work with printmaking, etching and lino-cutting, using another medium to show my experience of the place.