Angel of History

14 to 18 February 2018
  • Peggy Jay Gallery

Angel of History

Wednesday 14 - Sunday 18 February

Suddenly and unexpectedly past moments become resonant in the present, allowing us insights into their deeper character.  Four artists - Alistair Ewen, Jen Cable, Madeleine Page and Neil Lamont - exhibit in two and three dimensions.

Jen Cable

A wealth of memories, observations and experiences taken from fairy tales, media and casual conversations guide my thoughts and beliefs and continue to shape my sense of self.  Working in stitching, knitting and weaving I explore the ideas that I have accepted and rejected on the roles, aspirations and behaviour expected of women


Alistair Ewen

The poetic quality of the visual is what interests me. I’m concerned with giving visual expression to evocative qualities; to what resonates in objects, memories and dreams, or old family photographs. The objects may be ‘found objects’ or inherited family ‘relics’. My art works usually take the form of mixed media assemblages, centred on the objects and including photographs, maps or painting.


Madeleine Page

Memories are what make us human. Like an archeologist, I constantly plunder and re-examine mine. I see the angel of history as a messenger, transporting and laying out these memories, enabling me to explore and interrogate them. Are they leading me onwards, or drawing me back to where I began?


Neil Lamont

Regarding modernism, since the 1970s a chasm has opened up between the ideals and the reality. The popular mind has linked the two together and demonized both. But they are my history - my journey - too. So I have sought to rehabilitate both while acknowledging the complex dance between utopia and dystopia, and bearing witness to dystopia 2.0 (the anti-modernist, free market version)