The Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra (Evening Recital)

19 August 2018
  • 19:00
  • £10 (£9 conc)

A concert of the pop music before the age of recording with many memorable melodies and songs with or without words. This music - popular by name but classical by nature - is a perfect introduction to classical music for youngsters and refreshing change for veterans.

Aspidistra, an ensemble of string quartet, piano flute and oboe has been praised for its lively and authentic interpretation of Palm Court Music.


Tickets are available online – www.aspidistra.org  at £10 (£9 conc) or can be booked in advance by telephone on 020 7633 9313.


The Aspidistra Drawing Room Orchestra is a London based ensemble consisting of string quartet, piano flute and oboe. Aspidistra specialises in the type of music that is often referred to as ‘Salon Music’ or ‘Palm Court Music’; The music that was fashionable in the days when grand hotels still engaged little orchestras to entertain their guests. This was the pop music from before the age of recording and Aspidistra is celebrated for its lively but authentic interpretation of this type of music

Aspidistra has recorded five CDs - Three years ago the Beguine and Bugatti Step appeared. Before came Happy Frog & Hot Canary (2011), Casino Dances (March 2007), Too Beautiful for Words (October 2003) and The Best of Palm Court (May 1998). This first CD recorded back in 1998 was meant to give a small sample of the repertoire for people who were interested in hiring the band but because of positive feedback the group returned to the studio. With hindsight, The Best of Palm Court was a misnomer because there was even better to follow.

Aspidistra made its Radio debut when the BBC used some tracks from ‘The Best of Palm Court’ as background music for the radio play ‘Tears of War’ on Remembrance Day 2002. Since then, their recordings have been heard regularly on Brian Kay's light program and as background music for other radio plays on the BBC. Aspidistra made an appearance in many famous venues for this type of music in the UK. Amongst them: The Palm Court of the Waldorf Hotel – which allegedly gave Palm Court Music its name, the National Liberal Club and the Pump Room in Bath.

The sheet music for this type of music is hard to find now and Aspidistra searches in private collections, libraries and archives to discover more rarely performed but delightful music.  Each year, they travel abroad for a week to try out new material and this year they have chosen to visit the Netherlands.

For further information please visit our website www.aspidistra.org or contact Adam Bakker bakkerismo@gmail.com.