Saving a species with Peter Egan and International Animal Rescue

20 October 2019
  • 18:30
  • Tickets £15

The plight of the orangutan in Indonesia has reached a critical stage, with the survival of the species under serious threat. International Animal Rescue (IAR) are working tirelessly to rescue and care for baby orangutans that have been taken from their mothers to be illegally sold as pets and adults that have spent their entire lives in captivity, chained up or imprisoned in tiny cages.

  • Listen to Peter Egan as he explains how IAR's human-orangutan conflict team come to the aid of orangutans left stranded when their forest home is destroyed and translocates these vulnerable animals to safe areas of protected forest.
  • Limited edition merchandise will also be available and 100% of proceeds and donations on the night will go directly towards vital mobile veterinary equipment needed for treating and translocating injured animals in the field.

Don't miss out on what promises to be an inspiring and informative evening discussing one of Borneo's most vulnerable species and what you can do to help.

Tickets £15 available here