Mandolin+1 concert series, No. 2

17 October 2021
  • 19:30 - 21:00

Mandolin+1 concert series, No. 2:

David Braid – composer/mandolin & David Black – guitar

A highly varied collection of colourful, witty, original duos by composer David Braid, performed by guitarist David Black and the composer on mandolin.

The unusual combination of mandolin and guitar makes for a uniquely clear tonal palette, both being plucked instruments but occupying different ends of the pitch spectrum.

An extraordinarily prolific composer, currently at some 150+ pieces (including three symphonies and a viola concerto); David’s work spans a vast range of moods and forms.

David Black’s virtuosity as an instrumentalist is further augmented by his work in arranging, teaching and his insight into the lute, and various types of guitar, which he also plays.

The open and curious mindset of both musicians is immediately audible in their performances.

Graduates of the Royal College of Music, The Royal Scottish Conservatoire of Music, The University of Oxford and The Cracow Academy of Music, the duo hold an impressive set of degrees which informs their deep insight into their chosen instruments and repertoire.




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