London Bird Club: Geoffrey Davison, Birds of Peninsular Malaysia

16 September 2020
  • 19:00
  • Doors 6:30pm for 7pm
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Peninsular Malaysia more than 600 species of birds, mostly within forest. The most urgent for conservation purposes include the birds of lowland forest, particularly forest over level ground in the extreme lowlands. They include iconic species such as White-bellied Woodpecker, Wallace's Hawk-eagle and Malaysian Peacock-pheasant. The birds of occasionally inundated peat-swamp forest, and of hill forest, form distinctive communities dominated by birds with a distribution centred on Sundaland (Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo), whereas many birds of mountain forest are of Himalayan origin. All forest bird communities are likely to be in decline, compensated by an increase in the habitat available for open country birds of lesser conservation concern.

Geoffrey Davison

Geoff has worked for many years in Southeast Asia, most recently as a staff member of the National Parks Board, Singapore. He has specialised in bird ecology and behaviour, and the ecology of bird communities in tropical rain forest in Malaysia, with an emphasis on pheasants and partridges. Peripheral interests have included bats (inside caves), molluscs (living on the limestone outside the caves), and zooarchaeology (in the earth at cave mouths) of Peninsular Malaysia. He has been responsible for various Malaysian birding books and natural history books.

Doors 6:30pm for 7pm 

FREE admission sponsored by John Beaufoy PublishingJetwing Safari Camp Yala & Serendipity Retreats

This is one of an annual programme of 6 talks organised by the London Bird Club a section of the London Natural History Society (LNHS). The LNHS organise around a 100 events a year, most of which are free. Their free guided walks offer a fantastic opportunity to discover London’s wild areas and to learn about wildlife from experts. See http://www.lnhs.org.uk/