Japanese Ink Painting

6 to 13 July 2018
  • Every Friday
  • 12:45 - 16:00

Painting Lotus and Kingfisher 


Join Talia and learn to paint, using traditional Japanese brushes, ink and watercolour, the lotus flower and kingfisher.

Based on simplicity and minimalism, this work is a discipline training for hands and mind. It enhances self confidence and flow with brush, promoting new sets of drawing skills.


Each workshop will begin with an introduction and demonstration by Talia, follow on you will learn and practice various brush strokes to create your very own finished painting each workshop.


* Each workshop includes study sheets, plenty of practice time, 1-2-1 tutorial and group discussion.

* Professional tools and materials are supplied for the course

* A short list of what students can bring, will be sent to all participants upon registration

* Tools and materials included. You will be able to purchase your own set of high quality tools and materials.

* Beginners & intermediate level are welcome

* Book Here


About Talia

Talia Lehavi is a contemporary artist and a certified teacher of Japanese ink painting and calligraphy. She holds an MA in Japanese art history and has been teaching for many years in her London studio as well as museums around the world. Her teaching includes lectures, demonstration, practical workshops and artist mentoring.




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