Online exhibitions

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Burgh House & Hampstead Museum (3 themes)

  • (15 Objects)

    Exhibition of photographs, artwork and posters relating to the history of Burgh House.

  • (4 Objects)

    Find out more about our collections care plan and how you could help us protect and preserve our objects for the future.

  • (14 Objects)

    Browse the objects in our adoption scheme!

From the collection (7 themes)

  • (10 Objects)

    Explore some of the highlights from our collection.

  • (10 Objects)

    Art and artefacts relating to or depicting the Heath.

  • (10 Objects)

    Find out more about how developments in transport transformed Hampstead and the surrounding area.

  • (15 Objects)

    A collection of some of Hampstead's most famous buildings.

  • (10 Objects)

    Discover some of the ways the war impacted on Hampstead and its residents.

  • (8 Objects)

    Explore the work by some of the leading British artists of the early twentieth century and their relationship with Hampstead.

  • (10 Objects)

    Find out more about some of Hampstead's finest women artists.